Louise P. Sloane
  Color Objects Article describing recent work by Louise P. Sloane written by Jaap le Poole, Founder
Color Objects, Amsterdam
  ahtcast Audio interviews conducted by Phillip J. Mellen with artists he has met in his physical travels and those virtual travels as well. The interviews investigate some insights into the thoughts and processes of artists working today.  
  artcritcal Review of Louise & Randy (Hotter Than 'Ell) at Sideshow Gallery  
  Louise P. Sloane/Memorably Handsome - (An Appropriate Distance) From The Mayor's Doorstep Review of Louise & Randy (Hotter Than 'Ell) at Sideshow Gallery 2011  
  Minimal Expositiion minimal exposition is a curated contemporary art blog for viewers who value images over words
  Geoform Geoform is an online scholarly resource, curatorial project, and international forum whose focus is the use of geometric form and structure in contemporary abstract art.

Geoform explores, documents and celebrates the rich diversity of style and aesthetic intent that characterizes this broad vein of contemporary abstraction. Such diversity attests to the profound resonance that geometric form and structure have had for people across time and place.

Geoform is edited by Julie Karabenick. The project was collaboratively developed and formally launched in May, 2005 by Julie Karabenick (karabenick-art.net) and Howard R. Barnhart (barnhartart.com).
  Art In New York City Art In New York City was founded by Michael Sorgatz to promote the work of local artists.  
  Art Core ART CORE Featured Artist Interview
Devoted to open dialogue and exhibition of emerging and established artists

In these times artist cannot be placed into convenient
boxes that describe who or what they are as artists.
At their Core they are
inspired, imaginative and dedicated to the vision they create.
August/September 2011
  Five Questions 5 questions for great artists by benjamin krarup.